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PMEC 2019

26th Nov 2019, 9:00am to 28th Nov 2019, 18:00pm

New Delhi, India


Discover Peak's range of Gas Generators at Booth 15.D47

PMEC India provides the opportunity to meet and learn from the world’s leading pharma experts and network with 50,000 professionals from over 120 countries. You can expect to see companies from areas such as Analytical Equipment, Automation & Robotics, Batching Systems/Equipment, and of course Peak Scientific will be there to showcase some of our newest products which support a range of scientific applications.

Why Visit Peak?

If you work in a lab which requires nitrogen or hydrogen gas and want to find out how to reduce running costs and safeguard your workflow, then visit Peak at Booth 15.D47.

Peak Scientific manufacture nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generator systems, mainly for the fields of LC-MS and GC. An on-site gas generator from Peak is a more reliable and cost-effective source of gas than cylinder and bulk dewar supply.

Genius XE Nitrogen Generator

Developed from one of Peak's best-selling generators - NM32LA, Genius XE is the most advanced nitrogen generator on the market for LCMS/MS and other laboratory instruments that need high purity N2. It delivers analytical grade nitrogen harnessing multi-stage purification and ECO (Electronic Compressor Optimization) at a variable flow rate of up to 70 L/min and pressure up to 116 psi.

Precision range for GC


Our Precision range of gas generators for GC applications will also be displayed on the booth at PMEC 2019. Precision is a space-saving solution consisting of stackable nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generators. It is also the safe and practical source of hydrogen gas and nitrogen gas in the lab. The main benefit of Precision is the flexibility it provides in specifying models best suited to your needs. It is available in 2 variants – standard and trace laboratory grades. The best one for you depends on your usage of the product, which one of our representatives will be happy to discuss with you at the show.

Solaris XE Nitrogen Generator


Solaris XE has been engineered using membrane technology to meet the demands of labs using LC-MS or multiple lower flow nitrogen instruments such as ELSD or Compact Mass Spectrometers. Solaris XE can deliver varying flow rates of up to 35L/min of nitrogen, purity up to 99.5% and outlet pressure can be adjusted down from 116psi. This makes it a flexible solution for a variety of applications.

About Peak

Peak Scientific have been innovating in gas generator technology for over 20 years, with an impressive range of products to support a wide variety of laboratory applications such as LC-MS and GC. With operations now on every continent, when you buy a gas generator from Peak you will be fully supported wherever you are. We pride ourselves on our world-class service care [Peak Protected], which not only keeps your generator in great condition, but also guarantees superior performance throughout the product lifespan.

Can't make the show? Contact us now to find out about our range of gas generators.


PMEC 2019

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